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Nearest Tattoo Shop

Do you know what your first tattoo will be? Are you looking for the nearest tattoo shop to get it done? If the time has come for you to get a tattoo, then we want to welcome you to Old Town Tattoo. We are proud to be the premier tattoo studio near Hemet, CA. Our tattoos are also popular in the other close cities, including Canyon Lake, Temecula, and Corona. Our artists are the most talented crew you’ll ever meet, and we will make sure that you leave with the perfect tattoo.

Every tattoo has a meaning. That meaning may be playful, funny, serious or even personal. No matter why you’re getting a tattoo, the team at Old Town Tattoo will make sure that your new ink is meaningful to you. We are very serious about tattoos, and every piece of art we create must meet our standards of perfection. Bring us an idea, and one of our skilled artists will make sure it comes to life on your body.

Tattooing is a tricky art form. Not only must each line be drawn perfectly the first time, but it must also sit right on a persons’ skin. Our artists at Old Town Tattoo know exactly how to properly place and draw any type of tattoo. Feel free to choose one of our stock options, or you may even bring in something for us to custom draw. Either way, you are sure to get the best tattoo you’ve ever received.

If you want to find the nearest tattoo shop in Hemet, CA or another close city, then it’s time to make an appointment with us at Old Town Tattoo. Our tattoos never disappoint. After your first session, we are confident you’ll come back for another. Contact our shop if you’re ready to finally get that tattoo you’ve always wanted.

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